We are empowering women to redefine
their lives.

Sons and Daughters Ministry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax deductible org. that is dedicated to reaching, empowering, spiritually equipping and ministering to individuals etc., especially those who are incarcerated.

Our Mission

To empower, encourage healthy habits, motivate, edify, and spiritually equip individuals especially those who are incarcerated and demonstrate love through charitable giving.

Our Vision

To demonstrate love, help others find and fulfill their divine purpose and provide life skills to prevent recidivism.

Bridget Osborne was born in Georgetown Guyana located in South America. She is a single mother of two children and a grandmother to four. She is passionate when it comes to preaching the Gospel and telling others about Jesus Christ. She loves to pray, cook, and listens to Gospel music.

Bridget in-depth passion for the Lord started while she was incarcerated. She spent 25 years in prison for a crime which stemmed from an abusive friendship. While incarcerated, she empowered herself by going back to school. Her accolades include a GED, Associates in Sociology, Bachelor of Arts degree, Columbia Business School Certificates, and successful completion of 450 supervised hours in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). The Sons and Daughters ministry was brought to life from her prison cell in 2005. She started with monthly newsletters to family and friends. She is known as the first woman to self-publish a book from prison “Faith It Don’t Fake It.” She also provided spiritual resources for children through her “31 Days Inspirational Messages for Teens”. In 2013, she was featured in an article in the Ebony Magazine; The Spiritual life, behind bars, part 2. Bridget is a faith walking, mountain moving, dynamic speaker who is always ready to walk the extra mile to help others. She has been spiritually equipping and encouraging inmates from a prison pulpit and echoing her voice from beyond the prison walls to reach those who are outside.

Since Bridget Osborne was released in September of 2020, she has received her Chaplain’s Certificate of Completion from Healing Hearts Chaplaincy. She also successfully completed Re-Entry Rocks Phase II – Fellowship program (Business Incubator). The goal of the relaunching of the Sons and Daughters Ministry is to build, strengthen, and empower individuals, equipping them with what they need to survive spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and so much more. The aim is that those still incarcerated and returning home one day will experience a life changing journey.

Meet our
Board Members

Rose E. Harris

    Manager of the High Impact Prevention Program at the Women’s Prison Association. Licensed Chaplain, Ordained Evangelist, Assistant Director of the Sons and Daughters Ministry.

    For the past 20 years Rose Harris has served in one role or another to educate, uplift and edify women. She is currently the manager of the High Impact Prevention Program at the Women’s Prison Association (WPA), where she has offered HIV testing and linkage to care to the women in the Brooklyn community.

    Rose’s journey to empower women started over 15 years ago when she accepted a position at a maximum facility prison to educate women on HIV and Aids. Rose has tested over 500 women for HIV, and has encouraged them to make healthy life-style changes. She is committed to help end the AIDs epidemic.
    As an Ordained Evangelist and Licensed Chaplin she believes that everyone matters to God! Rose is also pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Phoenix.

    Yonette Noble

      Yonette Noble was born and raised in Georgetown Guyana S.A. She earned her Business Degree from the Sutton Business school and worked various jobs. After twenty-five years as an assistant manager for the Department of Education, Ms. Noble retired and has now dedicated her life to serve members in her community. She volunteers her services on the hospitality committee and made herself available to serve her church family.

      She is a wife and mother to a son, Ms. Noble, and her family worship at the Presbyterian Church of St. Albans where she is an ordained Elder and is actively engaged in serving her church family in and beyond the walls of the church.

      As a Board member at Sons and Daughter Ministry Ms. Noble will sit on the Executive Board where she will be able to utilize her skills and services to meet the needs of others.

      Cheryl A Tappin

        Cheryl A Tappin served in the Guyana Defense Force from 1977 to 1984 as a Recruiting Clerk; Administrative Assistant to various Staff Officers and later on as a Training Instructor.

        She migrated to the USA in 1984 and changed career path. For 21 years Ms. Tappin worked at various banks as a Payment Services Specialist in the Operations Department.

        She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Major is Human Resources). She also earned diplomas in Medical Billing and Coding and Wedding and Events Planning

        Simone C. Phillips

          Founder of Phoenix Rising of Phoenix Rising Life Coaching Service LLC. Simone C. Phillips, founder of Phoenix Rising, a Bethlehem Pennsylvania -based life coaching and counseling service, has known them all.

          Phillips, a registered nurse, licensed clinical social work therapist, and a veteran of the United States, who launched her private practice 2018, says mental health issues ( or mental health hygienic needs as she terms them), left unaddressed, rob us of our potential.

          Hopes are shattered, jobs are lost, families are broken, and lives vulnerable to cyclical, intergenerationally transmitted victimization. “There is life after trauma,” Phillips said, who chose the name of her counseling service to convey that message of hope to clients.

          Hope is especially needed in the black and brown community, she said, where mental health issues are often stigmatized or not taken seriously. “Phoenix Rising represents rising from the ashes,” she said. “It represents rebirth.”

          We believe the word of God!
          (Romans 10:9.)

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