Sons And Daughter Ministry

Sons and Daugthers Ministry

Love, Loyalty, Integrity
These three values along with others will be the foundation for this ministry. These values are important, and we will apply them in our daily activities.  We will demonstrate compassion as we interact with other.   This Ministry will not be defined by its’ skillfulness, education, or popularity but by its’ values and the love it demonstrates to others.  We will reach down and stretch out to lift up those who are in need.
Sept 17, 2020 Released after 25 years of incarceration

Sons and Daughters Ministry Team

Fellowship Day
Coat Drive 2022
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Fans Donated to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
2022 Father's Day Raffle Winner
2022 Grab and Go
2022 Volunteer Recognition Night

Sons and Daughters Ministry Various Events

Birthday Giveaway in Guyana
Birthday Giveaway

2023 Pictures from Guyana

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Mothers Day Care Packages 2023
and more videos

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Sons and Daughters Ministry Harvest Basket Food Pantry
2023 Mother's Day Care Packages

WE SHARE THE WORD OF GOD (Hebrews 13:16.)